Founder & CEO eWomenNetwork, Inc.


Sandra is committed to helping women grow their businesses and just as important, help them to live an inspired, healthy life rich in abundance and complete fulfillment.

Sandra Yancey is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning entrepreneur, bestselling author, movie producer, and philanthropist who left her successful Fortune 500 corporate career to launch eWomenNetwork in 2000. Two years into her business she was on the verge of bankruptcy and ready to close her doors, but is now operating and leading one of the most successful multi-million dollar women’s business networks in North America. With over 500,000 women business owners connected to her network, the company produces 1,000 events annually. The eWomenNetwork Foundation has awarded cash grants to 101 non-profits and 147 conference scholarships to emerging leaders. CNN has recognized Sandra as an American Hero because of her humanitarian outreach to others. Sandra is the preeminent women’s business expert leading women through the start-up, growth, and scaling phases of their business cycles.


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